Experienced and Skilled

Dynamic International is a business and personal development-coaching firm that specializes in working with companies and individuals that want to be and do their absolute best! When someone or a company are preforming at there best, they cannot help but to positively affect everyone and everything around them.

Our Vision & Mission

Mission Statement: Coaching companies, executives, and individuals on how to optimize their day with the outcome of achieving epic results!

Michael Asimor – CEO

Michael Asimor began his journey to create Dynamic International in 1992. At the age of 21, Michael was dissatisfied with his life. His way of thinking led him down a road that was unfulfilling. He began to study the area of human development by reading books, doing audio programs and attending seminars. In 1996, Michael began a career in sales. Working in retail sales, home improvement sales and employment & staffing solutions, he learned the ins and outs of selling to individual and businesses. He mastered to the art of selling by features, advantages and benefits. He became skilled by selling through sales presentations and closing. He perfected the ability to cold call by making 100s of phone calls a day as well as managing relationships between individuals and companies. 2001 he went to work for a company called Safety Systems Corporation, selling first responder equipment to public safety agencies. In this job, he found that to be successful in selling to the public safety community, learning about grant funding was a necessity. By learning how the grant process works, he developed his own sales strategy that increased sales in his territory by almost 900%. In 2007, Michael launched Dynamic International to help the public safety market understand and obtain the billions of dollars of grant funding available. His company’s mission statement is simple: Help get the Public Safety Officers, Federal Law Enforcement and Military Personal get home safely to their families and loved ones. Through his company’s training, as well as speaking at conferences for associations such as the Washington State Tactical Officers Association, the Ohio Tactical Officers Association, the New York Tactical Officers Association, Enforcement Expo and HITS Conference, Michael has helped train and empower hundreds of public safety agencies in the skills necessary to obtain needed grants. Today, Michael has expanded his vision of Dynamic International to combine is 20 plus years of studying and training in the area of personal development with his almost 20 years of sales, marketing and advertising to offer a path to fulfillment for both businesses and individuals worldwide.