Personal Development Videos

Your Personal Development Wheel.
Mastery Series: 7 Celebrate and Contribution - fulfilling the Needs of the Spirit
Mastery Series: 6. Finances
Mastery Series: 5. Work or Career
Mastery Series: 4. Time Management
Mastery Series, 3 Relationships
Mastery Series: 2. Emotions and Meaning
Mastery Series: 1. Your Physical Body
It is never about resources. It is always about resourcefulness.
People do the best they can with the resources they have.
The power of being a team player.
Achievement versus Fulfillment - How to experience both.
Step 3 What specific actions can you take to begin to close gap between where you are and your goal?
Closing the gap, Step 2 Where were you before you made this decision?
Closing the gap between where you are Step 1, Identifying the results you are committed to achieving
Five Ways to Stay Emotionally Fit, 4) Compelling Future - The Reason That Drives You.
Five Ways to Stay Emotionally Fit, 3 - Meaning
Five Ways to Stay Emotionally Fit: 2) Focus
Five Ways to Stay Emotionally Fit: 1) Physiology - The Beginning of Emotional Change
How to Ask for Anything, Part 5: Ask until you have what you want!
How to Ask For Anything, Part 4: Ask with 100% belief you will get what you ask for.
Creating Massive Value: The Art of Asking for Anything Part 3
How to Ask for Anything - Part 2: Ask Someone Who Can Help You
How to Ask for Anything, Part 1 - Ask Specifically
How to Create Momentum, Part 5: Being S.M.A.R.T.
How to Create Momentum Part 4 How and Ways to Take Action – Section 2
How to create Momentum, Part 4 How and Ways to Take Action – Section 1
How to Create Momentum: Part 3 - Decide, Commit, Resolve
How to Create Momentum: Part 2 How to Find Your Passion
How to create momentum Part 1: The importance of being in an optimum state

Business Development Videos

Business Owner Series: #2. Managing & Measuring Costs.
Business Owner Series: 1. Understanding your financials
Create your identity: 5. Market yourself and your brand
Create your Identity: 4. Walk your talk
Create Your Identity: 3. Communicate Congruently
Create your identity: 2. Identify and communicate your competitive advantage
Create your identity: 1. Understand the power of identity
Influencing people before they discover you.
Sales, Ask for the Action, How to get the specific commitment.
Marketing: The Power of short and sweet marketing messages that produce results.
Management, Leadership
Customer Service
Find new perspectives to grow your business.
Sales: Solution - Features, Advantages, and Benefits (FAB)
The Difference Between Marketing And Branding
Management, Leadership How to Create a Raving Fan Culture, Employees and Customers
The three most important areas of Customer Service in today's business world.
Start New Conversations to Grow Your Business
Sales Tips: Attack & Confess
Marketing Success Leaves Clues
Management, Leadership Optimization & Maximization: People & Processes
Most Important Characteristics of an Outstanding Customer Service Representative
Bring in New Voices to Optimize Your Product or Service
Sales, Logic & Reason
Marketing - What marketing makes money and what marketing wastes money.
Business Management and or Leadership, Anticipation, Financial & Legal Analysis
Customer Service, Understanding an Integral Part of the Promise Your Brand Makes
Ensure That There is an Upside Identified to Your Business Decisions
Sales Identification – Get your audience to identify and relate to you and your message upfront.
Marketing- Discover & implement your X Factor – Ultimate competitive advantage
Create an Effective Business Map
Customer Service
Be ahead of the trends but not the pioneer

Grant Tips

Failing to be awarded grant funding is part of the success of obtaining grant funding.
If you continue pursuing public safety grant funding, you will always succeed.
The best time to master the Public Safety Grant game was yesterday. The second-best time is TODAY!
The success you experience in obtaining funding comes from your belief you can get the funding.
The one who fails the most at getting grant funding is the one who will fund the most projects.
If you want your Public Safety projects funded, believing and taking action is the secret.
Success in Public Safety Grants comes from the courage to pursue them.
Take ownership of getting your Public Safety projects funded.
Reinvent your Public Safety Agency's identity & the funding for your projects will be a reality.
For most, pursuing Public Safety Project Funding is outside their comfort zone.
You must be persistent, determined, and resilient to fund your Public Safety Projects.
To successfully fund your projects, you must let go of the belief that you will never get funding.
Realize every funded Public Safety project will save the life of someone you might never know.
All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your fully funded project.
The only limit to getting your Public Safety Project funded is YOU.
Be the change you want to see in your community by committing to funding your projects
Keep pursuing your project if you feel the Public Safety project will add value to your community.
You always have everything you need to fund any project.
Every Funded Project Begins With Belief.
Focus on why and how to fund your Public Safety project
The road to funding a successful public safety project has many twists and turns.
Every Public Safety Grant Project has its non-believers.
Public Safety Grants, Every Project Begins with Belief
Unleashing the Power of Funding: Turning Projects into Reality
Every public safety funding project starts from within.
Internal clarity - funding your Public Safety Project, ways to make that project a funded reality.
Every project you can imagine is worth funding if it adds value to your community
Success in funding projects is understanding that it is a long game with many highs and lows
One of the best tools in your funding toolbox is optimism
7 ways to be proactive, strategize, and take action to fund your projects