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Our services


Michael Asimor Business & Personal Development Coach and Strategist


“Your business will not grow unless you grow!”


Michael speaks on Business Development:

  • Strategy & Roadmap to Growth
  • Tactical Innovation
  • “Kaizen” Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Optimizing & Maximizing Core Business Areas
  • Creating a Fulfilling Business – Inside & Out
  • Grant Funding Assistance Strategy

Michael speaks on Personal Development:

  • Create An Extraordinary Quality of Life
  • Six Human Needs – Human Needs Psychology
  • Focus, Beliefs, Values & Rules
  • Goal Setting & The Formula to Achievement
  • Fulfilling Relationships with Passion & Love
  • Circles to Fulfillment – Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Financial

Why Michael Asimor?

Michael love to communicate and share with audiences that are tired and dissatisfied with the status quo and are looking for the edge! Truth be known, Michael’s favorite part of business is to have a conversation and emotionally move an audience, which makes them think differently about themselves and the world.

What separates him from other speakers?

He is sincere and genuine. He is the same person in front of 100s of people or one on one. He has a unique ability to educate, entertain and inspire an audience to take action on his message.

He customizes each speech for the audience. It doesn’t matter if it is an audience of business leaders, end users or individuals, he will make sure his message is clear, on target and compelling. A good communicator puts in the time to understanding your business and the audience.

Coaching and consulting

Why settle for anything less than the life of your dreams? If attaining your highest goals for yourself was a possibility how could you possibly deny yourself the opportunity to see what you are truly capable of?

Personal Development Coaching

You have everything you need to live the life of your dreams. Our Personal Development Coaching program is designed to bring out what is inside of you. By getting clear on where you are, where you want to go and why you want to get there, together we can formulate a strategy for fulfillment. Just as a personal fitness trainer helps you raise your standards for accelerated results physically, we will challenge and support you in attaining the results you desire and deserve in all areas of your life.

We will work with you on all areas of the Circle to Fulfillment to learn what you do in each of the below areas of your life, how they are serving you and get clarity if what you are doing is taking you closer or farther away from the fulfilling life you deserve!

  • Mentally
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually
  • Financially
  • Spiritually

Business Development Coaching

Becoming dominant in an industry is challenging, and maintaining that dominance can be even harder. There will always be an up-and-comer developing a new product or service. Dynamic International will coach your business to prosper in any economic environment by transforming your business. Industry leaders are created and continue to dominate the market by constant improvement in these 7 areas:

  1. Learning where your business really is and create an effective strategy and roadmap to growth
  2. Continuous Tactical Innovation
  3. “Kaizen” of unrivaled marketing and product commitment
  4. “Kaizen” of sales command structure and philosophy
  5. Continuois Anticipation: The importance of financial and legal analysis
  6. Sustained optimizing and maximizing the core areas of the business
  7. Continuous creation of raving fan customers and culture

Grant Funding Assistance Strategy

Dynamic International will help your organization educate customers on what grants are available, how they should draft their Grant Justification Narrative Paper, and guide them to whom specifically controls the grant funding or application process in every state. These services are not only unique but specialized so your customer will receive funding in a timely manner.

Our services include:

  • Building a case for approval to pursue and protect grant funding
  • Identify what specific grants are available based on your product or service
  • Locate who can help (Point of contact for the grants)
  • Design grant template and outline for end users to write grant justification narrative paper
  • Train your sales, marketing, business development and leadership on the entire program
  • Work the strategy when requested by manufacturer
  • Lead Generation

Dynamic International will take your product or service directly to the key decision makers after finding them through phone calls. We will surface leads through cold calling to Law Enforcement, Fire Service, and Military markets. Dynamic International is not a call center; we are an organization that understands the market. We generate sales pipeline opportunities and display a strong sales outlook for your company.

Dynamic International will also help organize, develop, and distribute email campaigns promoting your product or service. Get effective email marketing, not just a traditional blast. Dynamic International will help craft an effective email-marketing message that is relevant to your readers and offers something of value. We won’t just “blast your customers” with a sales pitch; we send them information that will engage them, making them not only thankful for the information, but request for more.

Website Development and Search Engine Optimization

Dynamic International will give you a responsive, bold website with excellent navigation. We build a “purpose-driven” website that stands out from your competition, displaying strong content with easy navigation for your visitors. We are experts in the Law Enforcement, Fire Service, and Military markets, which allows us to build your website specifically with your customers in mind.

Social Media

Dynamic International will help you communicate and interact with your customers on social media platforms that make the most sense for your company. We will assist in the development of a social media plan with internal procedures to implement the process effectively. A strong social media engagement can have a powerful impact if done right. Dynamic International will help you network and promote your product or service to customers and potential prospects. Knowing the Law Enforcement, Fire Service, and Military markets so well will let us actively engage the right crowd.

Video Marketing

Great video will get you more visibility and more sales! Video is the fastest, most effective way to make a big impact in a short time. It is one of the top ways to drive traffic and sales to your website. Dynamic International understands the psychology of the end users in the Law Enforcement, Fire Service, and Military markets and how to use strategic video marketing to achieve your goals.

A team effort with IQuest Productions will award you with a winning, boutique style video production company. IQuest is run by passionate and professional partners dedicated to the business with over 20 years of experience in all phases of video production. Together, Dynamic International and IQuest Productions will offer the finest video marketing for your products or services.

Brochure Marketing

Dynamic International will help you present your company and product or service appropriately in your brochure. We understand the benefits of considering your customer when molding such an important piece of literature. Much thought must go into the development of a brochure. This is where you can explain your product or service in great detail, list features and benefits, and show why your company is the right choice for your market. Since we know the Law Enforcement, Fire Service, and Military markets, we are able to guide you in the right direction with your brochure so that your customer will understand your message.


Grant Dynamics – Search the State and Municipal Government Grant Database for grants by product type!

Grant Writing

Circle for Fulfillment – Personal

Circle for Fulfillment – Business

Training Videos

We are a trusted brand

Dynamic International is honored to be seen as a trusted partner of manufacturers, distributors, service providers, municipalities, entrepreneurs and businesses. We would be pleased to discuss the value we can bring to you and your organization. Please feel free to get in touch so we can schedule an appointment and show you the impact we can help you achieve with our coaching and collaboration services.

"Dynamic International has proven to be a considerable asset to our company. Their extensive market knowledge, as well as their ability to assist with funding solutions, is essential to any organization working directly with Public Safety end users."