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Mission Statement: Closing the gap so that all of public safety has the best equipment, software, and training to keep their community safe.


Michael Asimor

Michael Asimor began his journey in the public safety market on 9/25/01, two weeks after the 9/11 attacks. He went to work for a company called Safety Systems Corporation, selling first responder equipment to public safety agencies. In this job, he found that to be successful in selling to the public safety community, learning about grant funding was a necessity.

By learning how the grant process works, he developed his own sales strategy that increased sales in his territory by almost 900%. 

In 2007, Michael launched Dynamic International to help the public safety market understand and obtain the billions of dollars of grant funding available. His company’s mission statement is simple: Help keep communities safe by making sure the agencies had the best equipment, software, and training possible. Through his business development strategies, Michael has helped train and empower thousands of public safety agencies and businesses in the skills necessary to obtain needed grants, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in award funding.

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